Report: Sprint iPhone Will Certainly Happen By Christmas

Add Sprint-Nextel to the increasing list of U.S. carriers that will offer the iPhone. The carrier is probable to obtain the Apple handset by Christmas and it could be a huge-seller, one analyst tells investors on Wednesday.

Being the only remaining U.S. carrier with an unlimited data plan after Verizon, Sprint will be able to offer an iPhone with an unlimited data plan that will surely be an attractive proposition for more price-conscious users (a demographic that we believe is extremely important to Apple following the rise of Android), writes Citadel Securities analyst Shing Yin.

“Sprint could capture more than its fair share of iPhone sales, especially if it gets the new model at the same time as AT&T and Verizon,” Yin further writes. There is “little reason for Apple to hold back” or for Verizon and AT&T to mount a legal challenge, the analyst concludes.