Outlook Mac 2011: Adding Holidays to your Calendar

A wonderful feature provided by Outlook 2011 running on MAC is to put holidays into your calendar. You can add holidays that belongs to any country into your calendar. You can also add holidays of more than one country into it. It’s pretty good that holidays are already added in your calendar by default. Check out these steps to include holidays of multiple countries into your calendar.


  • Open Outlook MAC 2011 application and click on “File”.
  • Select “Import” tab from dropdown list. A dialog box will appear. Check option “Holidays” and then click on the right arrow that is located at left bottom of your dialog box to move next.
  • Here you will see a list of all countries or region. Select Country of your choice. It will add holidays of that country which you selected into your own calendar. Again click on right arrow.
  • Click on “Finish” button after importing desired country.

That’s it! Your desired country will be listed into your calendar after performing these steps.

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