Outlook for Mac 2011: How to Change the Subject Line of Received Emails

Subject is an important thing in emails. Mostly it contains the information that shows what data you are sending or receiving. Sometimes you receive an email that is very important for you but you can’t guess from subject lines that what message you have received. You need to open previous messages in your email to check the contents of message. If you change the subject line of email, you can easily come to know the contents of message. Here you can see!


  • Open your Outlook 2011.
  • Click on “Inbox” and then select “Email” folder.
  • Select the checkbox of message that you wish to change.
  • Click on “Message” from menu and then select option “Edit Message”.
  • It will open your email message. Edit the subject of your email according to contents of message body. If you want to make other changes, you can also change from here.
  • Close this window. Dialog box will appear to ask you if you want to save changes that you have made. Click on “Save” button. Now your modified subject line tells you what information is stored in message body.