Altec’s Octiv 650 iPhone/iPod Speaker Delivers

A lot of iPod/iPhone speaker docks have been reviewed by us and most of them sound somewhere between fair and OK, which is why we firstly scoffed at the promotional materials for Altec Lansing’s $199 Octiv 650, which the company labels as “epitome of stylish audio performance.”

It’s usual for a company to speak highly about its own products, but the description for the Octiv 650 was especially gushing: “Its discreet lines and unique wedge shape blend in with your decor while it fills your space with full, well-balanced sound…the design is clean and stylish…it’s the epitome of understatement and impressive over delivery.”

Now as for the design, it’s pretty much as described: clean and stylish, with a wedge shape that almost makes it look like an old horn speaker. Weighing in at 4.2 pounds, it’s got some decent heft but is light enough to be easily moved around the house. One thing worth noting is that it runs on an AC adapter, not batteries, so it can’t be considered a truly portable unit.

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