Amazing People With Superhuman Speed and Accuracy


I have always thought that we have less freedom of ‘choice’ in life than people always tend to think. So much of our experience and desire is automatic, intellectual free choice is often just a slave to the lower instinct. We have very little power even over our own bodies! These humans are not ordinary. They have pushed their bodies beyond normal human limits

8. The reaction time of a modern Samurai (Isao Machii)


7. The reaction time of a Dragster driver at the starting line (Hillary Will)


6. The reaction time of an arrow catcher (Terry Bryan)


5. The reaction time of the fastest gunslinger (Bob Munden):


4. Pure archery accuracy


3. The accuracy of a soccer player (Rémi Gaillard)


2. The accuracy of a wide receiver (Larry Fitzgerald):

1. Testing your speed and accuracy as a driver:


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