Mac Malware Is Back In Action

Mac Defender malware may have been conquered by Apple with an official support page and a commitment to wipe out the hitch through a software update, but that’s not keeping malware authors from fighting back.

A new sort of fake antivirus software called Mac Guard has emerged, and in contrast to Mac Defender, it needs no password to install. The malware is otherwise alike its predecessor, showing up on poisoned Web pages that use search engine optimization in order to reach the top of search results.

Mac Guard opens a Web page camouflaged as a warning screen in OS X, telling users that they must install antivirus software to eliminate trojans. If Safari’s “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading” option is checked, the installation process instigates automatically, however, the user can still back out at that summit. Once installation is complete, the malware comes up with fake threat warnings and opens pornographic websites. It’s nothing but a scam to panic users into handing over credit card numbers for antivirus software that doesn’t exist.

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