Growth In Mac Sales Worldwide

Needham’s Charlie Wolf waited until the middle of Apple’s current quarter to issue his analysis of the last. In a note to clients Friday entitled “What a Streak,” he uses a series of charts built on IDC data that show as to where and by how much Mac sales growth outran the Microsoft Windows PC market in the March quarter.

On the whole, Mac shipments grew 27.7% year over year in Q1 2011 (Apple’s fiscal Q2) against a backdrop of a 1.2% decline in total PC shipments.

Mac sales grew more rapidly than PC sales in every regional market, but the contrast was especially striking in Asia, where Mac shipments were up 69.4% against 8.8% and in Japan, where they grew 21.1% against -16.1%.

Another important piece of information is this that since Mac prices have held steady while PC prices have deteriorated, Apple’s dollar share of the market has grown faster than its unit share.