10 Ways the Next 10 Years Are Going To Be Mind-Blowing

No 6. Interfaces

See those movies and Ads showing holographic pop-ups everywhere? That is not very far away actually. Google Goggles for example does visual search; you take a picture of some object in your mobile and it will search for any information regarding it on the web. The object can be some landmark, some book or a barcode even.

It is predicted that within a decade or two we will be living in those holographic-info-boxes world.

No 5. Energy

Although solar cells are on top of the list in future energy sources, there are some amazing and bizarre sources for energy that still are in their infancy. For example in the future, sugar might be the fuel running our cars and bacteria lighting our houses. But, it is solar energy that has the lead for now and is expected to fuel the world in the near future. Infact, solar energy is not very far behind from meeting the world’s need for energy and technologies emerging everyday pave a path that can only lead to success in the future. A company called Sandia has produced solar cells which are made of 100 times less material than the current top solar cells while operating at the same efficiency.

No 4. Health and Medicine

What’s in store in the field of medical for us is nothing short of miraculous; artificial organs. A company called Organovo has developed the first commercial 3-D bio printer that builds custom organs cell-by-cell. The printer uses different cells based on the recipient’s own body, thus significantly lowering the chance of organ rejection. Organovo claim that the technology will advance far enough to print out arteries and veins for bypass surgery within five years, with complex organs like a heart or a liver possible within ten. And other than this, we understand the DNA ever more with the passage of time and this makes cures for disease such as ‘aging’, yes aging, possible.

No 3. Success and Popularity

YouTube is a prime example of how lives can be changed in no time; viral videos get millions of views and the owner gets thousands of dollars. As a whole, it is the internet which has made this possible; today people don’t need to take out a loan to get their business started, you just need to have a worthy idea and the internet will let people find you. In the coming years, it won’t be surprise if suddenly Facebook is overtaken by some other previously unknown phenomena.

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