How to Access .Bin .Cue Or .Iso File Extensions?

There are some file extensions such as .bin, .cue, .is etc whose usage is not known by most of the people and that is why many users end up in confusion when they see files with such extensions. These extensions indicate a file to be an image of a CD or DVD. Following methods can be used to access files having such extensions.

  • Use your CD or DVD writer to burn these files to a disk. To burn these files to the disc, Nero is a recommended program.
  • Another option is to use these files as virtual DVD or CD. You can use the program Daemon Tools to consider these files as virtual DVD or CD. This option does not require burning them to disk.
  • As bin files are frequently used in emulation software, try emulator software such as Mame, to access zip file containing .bin files.

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