How to Download Song on MySpace?

MySpace is a famous social networking platform on which millions of people interact to form social networks. MySpace allows the users to listen to a variety of music. Users can listen to all songs but can download only few songs. The below described technique will allow you to download any song you want to.

  • Open the MySpace website and browse the page from where you want to download the music.
  • For this trick, the given page should have one song for download.
  • On the download link, right-click and copy the link
  • Open the notepad document and paste the link in it.
  • You will notice somewhat like following address bandprofile.dowloadSong&bsid=OldSongNumberHere&song_name=Title_of_the_Old_Song&fid=bandid
  • Now on the add link, right click and copy the link.
  • Paste this link in to the notepad
  • You will notice something like following addressasfunction:addSong,NewSongNumber^ Title_of_the_New_Song
  • Paste the new song number and title in place of old song number and title in the original URL.
  • Copy this address in to the browser window and press OK.
  • After few moments, you will get a prompt to download the song.