Keep your Credit Card safe from Skimmers

Skimmimg is a form of high–tech financial fraud, is on the rise worldwide. It uses sophisticated electronics to copy data from your credit card or debit card, and it can capture both your account number and your PIN. It is happening not just at restaurants but at gas pumps and ATMs as well.

Elusive PINs

Obtaining the PIN for a debit card is somewhat difficult, how-ever. The most common methods employ tiny cameras mounted in afish-eye mirror, plus an electronic mesh overlaid on the keyboard.

Hash (Algorithm)

When you key in your four-or six digit PIN, software at the ATM or point of sale converts it into a single algorithm called hash.Anyone capturing the data sees only the hash value, not the original digits.

High-Tech Theft

Older skimming devices required criminals to return and collect the data. But newer skimmers can broadcast by Bluetooth (which has a short range) or by GSM cellular. The thieves who may be sitting in acar nearby or in a building on the other side of the planet, can then capture the data live.

Measures to save from skimmers

ATM makers now offer better data protection through updated technology. For instance, some ATMs sink the keyboard to prevent spy cameras from seeing your PIN, or jiggle inserted cards to prevent skimmers.
If you suspect that an ATM might be compromised, don’t use the machine. Check the card slot by finger, if either anything comes loose or feels mismatched. If so, report the problem to the bank. Your safest course is to use credit card instead of debit card especially while paying on gas station.

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