Top 7 Tips to Get More Out Of Emails

Here are seven tricks that will help you take control of your inbox, be more responsive to the messages you receive, and get more done.

1. Use filters sparingly.

Overusing filters can be as bad as overlying on folders. If you have 20 filters sending messages to 20 different folders, there’s no way you can stay on top of what’s coming in.

2. Zero your inbox

New messages are likely to arrive at any time. if you process everything in your inbox effectively, you can keep your list of pending messages at a manageable size throughout the day. An empty inbox should be one of your daily goals.

3. Use folders sparingly

When your folder lists gets so long that you can’t see all of them at a glance. So avoid having more folders than you need to active projects.

4. Delete first read surviving messages later

When you’re out and about, you can trim the size of your inbox via your phone‘s mail client. Mobile interfaces are great for scrolling quickly through a message list and weeding out junk.

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