Keeping the Appstore Open while installing iPhone Applications

There are many iPhone applications present in the market that play an important role in enhancing the functionality of iPhone. Stayopened is one such application. While installing applications, normally it happens that the users select app from the app store. On clicking the button of install the Appstore closes after giving a password popup. This can be annoying at instances when you need to install more than one app.

Stayopened is an application with which you can keep the Appstore opened while the installation continues in background. It is a freeware application and is automatically added to the stock settings on installation. It needs to be turned ON by going to stock settings.

With StayOpened, when you click to install any app from the Appstore, the password popup still appears but it does not close the Appstore. The installation runs in the background. It also provides an option of Purchase Confirmation Title, with which you can customize the word purchase. You can keep any phrase in its place.