BMW Vision Introduces ConnectedDrive

BMW is coming to the Geneva Motor Show tech-loaded for bear and the Vision ConnectedDrive concept is the sleek, roadster-shaped weapon. The topless study is based on the production-bound BMW EfficientDynamics and serves as a platform to showcase the Bavarian automaker’s advanced driver assistance and mobility networking systems, demonstrating what is possible both now and in the future.

The drivetrain beneath the concept is purely electric. No specifications have been revealed yet, though it really only needs enough get-up-and-go to get up on the stage and get gone after what’s sure to be its enthusiastic presentation. The sexy package is just meant to grab your attention long enough for BMW to subliminally inform you how it will swath you in a safe and entertaining environment through technology that’s just a mind-meld short of miraculous. Check out our high-res gallery below and the press release after the jump detailing the VCD concept and BMW’s other Geneva activities.

and finally a video

2011 BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept