Top 10 Spreadsheet Making Softwares

10. Easy Spreadsheet EasyOffice Premium

EasySpreadSheet has a feature that is called Ancestors which is an automatic backup and archival system built into the program.EasySpreadSheet is just one of the products that comes in EasyOffice Premium. You can listen to the entries being read to you or you can read them off the screen. This product specializes in taxes, prices, and profit margin calculations. Loan and investment calculations are automatically displayed in a spreadsheet-like format.

9. GS-Calc

GS-Calc relies on drop-downs rather than icons, but offered a really handy left navigation area right in the interface. This lets you know hierarchically exactly which files you’re working with.
GS-Calc is a stand-alone spreadsheet program that has some very interesting features. You just might find out it’s exactly what you’re looking for in a spreadsheet program.

8. GoBe Productive

GoBe Productive, like many of the products, relies on drop-down menus to find all of the controls, but it does have many icons immediately visible GoBe Productive Spreadsheet is a nice product with some surprising little features you may want. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it does have some qualities the other products don’t have.

7 Calculate Home Office

Corel makes it very easy to find the format you want to save in since they are all specified on the right side of the interface. The formula section of Calculate is easy to work with, but it did not shine like some of the rest of the programs. For example, they do not have the option to use programming Corel excels in their ability to make presentation-ready documents, complete with background colors, images and nice layouts.

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