Top 10 Games for iPhone 4

If you have finally upgraded from your old iPhone to the most recent generation of iPhone; the iPhone 4, then here are some games to spice up your digital life a bit more. Presenting a list of the top 10 games for iPhone 4.

No 10. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is incredibly addicting, loaded with personality, and is a tremendous value. This is a funny little puzzler about flightless birds that attack egg-stealing pigs via a slingshot. Angry Birds is pretty much similar to Crush the Castle but is really one step ahead of it in terms of fun.

Cost: $1.99

No 9. Dark Nebula – Episode 2

The original Dark Nebula featured a ball that you steered through 10 levels that varied widely with all sorts of different obstacles including spikes, lasers and switches that needed to be tripped. Episode 2 sports nearly twice as many levels across a variety of environments along with a new combat system that allows for boss fights. This is one of those games that uses the tilt controls perfectly and is really hard to put down.

Cost: $1.99

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