Pakistani Military Muscle 2k9 – 2k19

???????*GET CONNECTED*??????? More Vids at: http ?????????????????????????????????? Explanation of All Terminologies Used : MBT — Main Battle Tank(Primary Backbone Tank of Any Armored Force) ATGM — Anti Tank Guided Missiles Avionics — All Electronic Systems on an Aircraft Howitzer — Artillery Gun MRL — Multiple Rocket Launcher AWE&C & AWACS — Airborne Warning And Command System(A Powerful Radar Fitted on an Specialized Aircraft used to Scan Large Airspace for Enemy Targets, Early Warning, Target Acquisition, Field Intelligence, Interception, Electronic Jamming & Countermeasures, Command & Control etc) WVR — Within Visual Range(AAMs with Ranges Less than 20km) BVR — Beyond Visual Range(AAMs with Ranges Greater than 60km) AAM — Air to Air Missile ASM — Air to Surface Missile ARM — Anti Radiation Missile(These are Used to Target Enemy Radars Emitting Radio Waves) UAV — Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(Drone – Pilot less Aircraft) MANPAD — MAN Portable Air Defense system(eg the Infamous FIM-92 Stinger) JDAM — Joint Direct Attack Munition(An Add on Kit That Converts Dumb Bombs Into Smart Ones) JSOW — Joint Stand Off Weapon(A Glide Standoff Weapon) Frigate — A Class of Ship (Classification is Done on the Basis of Weight & Designated Role) MIRV — Multiple Independantly targetable Re-entry Vehicle(a very Modern & Complex Technology

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