Know Your Meme: Creepy Chan (Allison Harvard)

The Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies considers the history of Allison Harvard (aka Creepy Chan) a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Allison on Flickr Allison on DeviantArt Allison on MySpace The Creepiest People on MySpace Creepy Chan on America’s Next Top Model Allison Harvard – Cycle 12 Ep 3 ANTM C12 Ep 4 Bonus Clip 6 – Allison Creepy-chan before & after America’s Next Top Model Favorite Poll Blog posts about Creepy Chan Creepy Chan tributes on DeviantArt America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 Episode 13 Part 5 (Finale) Dramatic Creepy-chan For more on internet memes and phenomena visit The MemeDB at

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