Dwarf Fortress Video Tutorial part 01 – World Generation & Finding a site

NOTE: if you cant read the text, watch this video in high quality: www.youtube.com Its also available in even higher quality on gamevee: www.gamevee.com Welcome to my series of Dwarf Fortress video tutorials. In these i will try to explain dwarf fortress so everyone can understand. I hope my videos will help some of you. Part 01: In this video i explain world generation and selecting a suitable site for your fortress I’m playing the game with tilesets and graphics because it makes the game make much more sense. Im using the Guybrush 16×16 tileset, Dystopian Rhetoric’s graphics set, and an updated color scheme. You can find the game releases on this page: dffd.wimbli.com This page also has prepacked versions with tilesets already installed. Im using “Dwarf Fortress v0.28.181.39e Graphical Repack (PC)” for this tutorial. If there’s anything thats still not clear after watching these videos, try looking it up in the dwarf fortress wiki at: www.dwarffortresswiki.net

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