Airborne Laser ABL Executive Update 2008 Boeing 747 YAL-1

Courtesy: US Air Force This is the older Executive Update, but it includes the information that everyone asked about with the laser targeting etc… The United States Air Force awarded a team of Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin a .1 billion contract to develop and demonstrate a revolutionary laser weapon system to defend against the threat posed by theater ballistic missiles such as the Iraqi Scuds used during Desert Storm. Under the terms of the Program Definition and Risk Reduction (PDRR) contract awarded in November 1996, the three companies, working together as Team ABL, will build and test an Airborne Laser (ABL) weapon system mounted aboard a Boeing 747-400F aircraft. This system will be capable of destroying missiles carrying chemical, biological and nuclear warheads almost immediately after launch and before they would pose a threat to civilian populations and military assets.

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