GET THE DVD! so you think you can dance huh? you think so? Hay You! This is a lesson from the totally dope, amazingly random, stupendously good HOW TO DO THE ROBOT instructional DVD. But hey, don’t trust us! Check out the reviews on Amazon. Search “How To Do The Robot” or go there directly Anyway! In this lesson you will learn how to properly do the robot stop. Like the click when it locks into place. Like the sound of metal against metal when those gears find a resting point. Sharp like steel, yet fluid like water, the robot stop, once mastered, will make people think that they are on drugs while they watch you move. Why? Because you look so u n r e a l . Oh Yah! By the way, We’re ELASTIC ILLUSION. We are here for you. We want you to be a part of our lives and we look forward to developing this relationship with you. Comment on the video, we reply. Send us a message, we reply. Buy our DVD, we smile. And as the fate of the entire universe rests solely in your hands, we highly suggest you finally get around to watching “The Secret”! You will not be disappointed. http WE LOVE YOU! Brit, Tyson, and Ace

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