Top 10 Plugins to Optimize and Speed Up WordPress Blogs

Making your visitors wait for a complete minute before your page shows up is a really good way to fend them off. A good combination of plugins can help you optimize your blog even for the slowest of connections and quick loading pages can translate into more visits for your pages and consequently, more revenue. Today we present to you a list of 10 such best plugins that will help you in achieving better performance for you blog, take a good look.

No 10. Clean Options

When using plugins and certain themes with WordPress, the “wp-options” table becomes cluttered. This eventually leads to slower loading times for your pages. The tables isn’t cleared even when the plugins and themes are uninstalled, this is where this plugin comes in handy.

Go here to download.

No 9. Optimize DB

This plugin speeds up your MySQL database through the ‘optimize table’ command. This plugins will help in reducing query execution time and physical space on disk. This plugin is a simple option for those who don’t know and don’t want to know other complicated optimization techniques.

Go here to download.

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