Ted Nugent – Stranglehold (From “Motor City Mayhem”)

For more info – www.eagle-rock.com On July 4th 2008 Ted Nugent celebrated Independence Day as only he could with a concert in his home city of Detroit that marked the 6000th live performance of his remarkable career. From the opening that sees the Nuge perform the US National Anthem in front of a military line-up and joined by a girl leaping out of a cake clad in a stars and stripes bikini, the party never stops with Nugent classics and cherished cover versions delighting a huge and enthusiastic crowd. Ted Nugent is unique, a truly larger than life character and a wonderful guitarist. What better way to enjoy Independence Day! Track Listing: 1) Ted Nugent Intro 2) Star Spangled Banner 3) Motor City Madhouse 4) Wango Tango 5) Free For All 6) Stormtroopin 7) Dog Eat Dog 8) Need You Bad 9) Weekend Warrior 10) Love Grenade 11) Honky Tonk 12) Wang Dang Sweet Poontang 13) Bo Diddley / Lay With Me 14) Baby Please Dont Go 15) Geronimo And Me 16) Jenny Take A Ride 17) Soul Man 18) Hey Baby 19) Cat Scratch Fever 20) Stranglehold 21) Great White Buffalo 22) Fred Bear 23) Outro

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