Top 10 Biggest Naval Ships

The ocean is home to some amazing moving bodies of which some stretch almost half-a-kilometer and sketch a daunting figure in the horizon. Today, we present to you the list of the biggest naval ships ever built. Rather unsurprisingly, most of the ships in the list belong to the US Navy.

No 10. Shinano – 266 meters

Country Imperial Japan
Commissioning 1944
Type Aircraft carrier

This ship was named after the ancient Japanese province Shinano. It was used during World War 2. When built, it was the largest aircraft carrier of its time. The Shinano met its demise when it was sunk by the submarine USS Archer-Fish on 29 November 1944.

No 9. Iowa class – 270 meters

Country USA
Commissioning 1943
Type Battleship

These battleships served the US Navy in every major war from World War 2 to the Gulf War. 6 Iowa class ships were ordered and only 4 were completed with other 2 being cancelled before being completed. The remaining 4 ships are now retired.

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