Barbie Transformation Tutorial

This tutorial is going to show you how to look like the glamourous Barbie doll. Perfect for Halloween. I just moved into a new place, thus no furniture. I also did this tutorial with no mirror, just the reflection of my camera…so please bear with me =/ All music is by Annie. From her hit album, Anniemal. Purchase songs from iTunes for just 99 cents! “Anniemal” “Me Plus One” “Heartbeat” Or her entire Anniemal album for just .99! ALL PRODUCTS ARE USED IN ORDER. Remember you do not have to use what I use. Make the best of your products. Before you start any makeup maintain Clear skin A clear canvas is the most quintessential part in any makeup. Clear acne free skin IQQU acne serum – My own secret formula Circle Lens from. Angel Lens in Grey, thanks for the correction guys. And yes, one contact was inside out, makes sense because it felt like it was going to fall out at some points. =P Also, I own over 30 lens, so it’s hard for me to know which is which, so if I get a name wrong, let me know instead of calling me “dumb”. =) Strivectin-SD Eye Cream Sally Hansen Airbrush to buy Amazing Concealer – Medium Beige Academy Of Freelance Makeup Brushes La Mer Powder Academy of Freelance Makeup Brushes Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette www

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