Worlds Fastest Electric Car Hits 307mph

A team from Ohio State University may have just set a new record for the fastest electric car on the planet. The Buckeye Bullet was clocked on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats at speeds averaging 307 mph. And it might have gone faster on a later run if they hadn’t had a technical hitch, they say on their blog:

“Our last attempt yesterday was all set to be the best run yet, everything was looking great, but midway through the first mile, we busted our clutch. Too much torque from our motor ripped apart the half inch steel teeth that keep the motor connected to the gearbox. After a late night of trying to disassemble the motor and reinstall another type of clutch, we decided to call it: our last record will stay the best.”

Here is the team introduction video

In Sep 2009, the car achieved a top speed of 300mph

We are waiting for the latest video. This post will be updated as soon as we receive the video.

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