Top 10 Armoured Cars

Tailored to withstand even a small nuclear explosion, armoured vehicles are safe havens for the top ranking personnels who are under constant life-threatening risks. Armoured cars are inconspicuous and are fortified by inches-thick armour plates that can survive a head-on mortar or rocket-grenade attack. Today, we take a look at the 10 best armoured cars used around the world.

No 10. Bentley Mulsanne

It takes all the expertise of Bentley coachbuilders, Mulliner, to convert their new flagship, the Mulsanne, into a near-impenetrable, mobile fortress.

None of the anti-terrorist armour plating is retrofitted; all the conversion work is undertaken during the Mulsanne’s initial build stage, limiting any loss of performance or handling to a minimum.

No 9. AudiĀ A8

In the strictest of secrecy, B7 armour plating – the highest class of vehicle protection currently available – is factory-fitted to the Audi A8.

In true Teutonic fashion, every eventuality has been thought out – even a means to evacuate in an emergency situation. Sited around the windscreen is the thinnest thread of explosives which can be detonated to blow out the glazing and give a safe passage. Keep the kids away from that switch.

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