Top 10 Armoured Cars

No 8. Maserati Quattroporte

Just like every other armour-protected car, the specially prepared Quattroporte is virtually indistinguishable from the standard model. Only the very sharp-eyed will notice this car sits slightly differently due to the suspension modifications which had to be implemented to compensate for the additional weight of the reinforced ballistic-proof body shields.

No 7. BMW 760Li High Security

Apart from being able to withstand a blast from a roadside device, the 760Li is also offered with the option of an intercom system which allows safe communication with people outside the car without the need to open the windows or doors.

An additional safety feature includes irritant gas sensors. When the system detects excess gas levels, it automatically closes all the windows and air vents and then pumps breathable fresh air from its own air supply.

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