Intel Unveils the 50Gbps Internal Computer Data Transfer Speeds

As any astute computer owner would know, particularly those who are of the gamer variety, there are many possible bottlenecks when it comes to getting the most out of your computer hardware. Video cards, random access memory (RAM) and hard drives are but a few of the main hurdles to super-efficient computer performance.

Now, according to Engadget, Intel is looking to ditch the copper cables of old (used for transferring data within a computer) and are pushing into the speedy realm of Silicon Photonics. As would be expected with such an impressive (not to mention capitalised) turn of phrase, the Silicon Photonics technology is capable of some amazing results.

How amazing? Try 50 gigabytes per second by way of a combination of Silicon Photonics and integrated lasers, the technology pushes the internal data around with speedy light pulses. The idea is to create high-speed and, more importantly, low-cost fibre optics that can minimise internal cable clutter in computers. Of particular interest is Intel’s goal to reach terabit-per-second speeds sometime in the future.

Unfortunately, we shouldn’t be holding our breath for this technology anytime soon, but you can check out the three videos below to get a feel for how the Silicon Photonic technology works.

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