Top 10 Gadgets for your iPhone 4

With a gazillion iPhone gadgets out there it can be pretty tough if you wan’t to choose a few among them. So, today we have hand picked a number of iPhone 4 gadgets for your convenience. Please be noted that this list is in no particular order.

No 10. Vestalife Ladybug II Speakers

Price: $54.99 for Red/Black

This speaker dock is available in Red, Black, Red/Black and Silver/Black. The speakers come with a built-in subwoofer and digital amplifier technology and a full-function remote control. These LadyBug speakers can run on both AC power supply and on battery power.

The speakers operate with the full spectrum of sound and give out even the low frequencies very nicely. In all, these are a must have speaker for any iPhone owner.

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No 9. Aliph Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth Headset

Price: $79.95

This headset is really easy to use and has some good noise elimination technology. All in all the Aliph Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth Headset is highly fashionable headset with a snug fit and a great bluetoot headset that boasts good style and excellent performance.

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