Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

You never know until it’s too late; you’ve gained plenty and now you want to lose it. Can’t figure out what to do? Here are some tips that should put you in the right track.

No 10. Before and After photos

Taking ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to illustrate your progress is a great way of encouraging yourself. When you compare the two, you will definitely like the new slim trim you. And that should keep you going in the right direction.

No 9. Eat slowly

From the time we start eating, it takes 20 minutes for our brain to feel the feeling of fullness. So, fast eaters can easily eat beyond their fullness point. It’s, therefore, better to eat slow and enjoy the taste of food to the fullest. Who thought that eating slowly can help you shed off pounds? Infact 20 pounds of weight loss a year without doing anything different. Apart from weight loss, eating slowly can lead to much fewer digestion problems and less stressed mind.

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