Top 10 most advanced tanks

Tanks: While submarines maybe silent killers, these monsters don’t need to hide for any reason whatsoever. Today we take a look at the most fearsome battle machinery in the modern world with Top 10 most advanced tanks.

No 10. Type 90 Kyu Maru – Japan

Units built 330-340
Weight 50.2 tonnes
Crew 3
Armor Modular ceramic/steel composite armour
Speed 70 km/h

Built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the Type 90 tank is the current main battle tank of the Japanese. It was meant as a replacement for Type 61s and Type 74s. This tanks costs around 7.5 million dollars to build. Currently Japan is the sole operator of this tank.

No 9. Challenger 2 – UK

Units built 446
Weight 62.5 tonnes
Crew 4
Armor Chobham/Dorchester Level 2 (classified)
Speed 45 km/h off-road

Touted as the most reliable main battle tank by the manufacturers, the Challenger 2 costs about $8,000,000. It is being used in the Iraq war since 2003. The Challenger 2 is a successor to the Challenger 1 and uses the basic hull and automotive parts of its predecessor. In one incident, the Challenger 2 survived 14 hits from rocket-propelled grenades and one anti-tank missile; sounds like the manufacturers aren’t bluffing after all.

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