Top 10 most advanced tanks

No 8. T-84 Oplot – Ukraine

Weight 46 tonnes
Crew 3
Armor Steel, composite, ERA
Speed 65 km/h

The Oplot is actually an advanced version of the original T-84 that incorporates armored ammunition compartment in a new turret bustle.

No 7. K1A1 Hangul – South Korea

Units built 400+
Weight 54.5
Crew 4
Armor Composite
Speed 40 km/h off road

K1A1 is a variant of the K1-88 tank. It is the main battle tank of the South Korean ground forces. It was designed by General Dynamics and its manufacturer is Hyundai Rotem. It’s sometimes called the “Mini Abrams” and “Baby Abrams” due to its similar appearance and being smaller in size to the M1 Abrams.

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