Top 10 Xbox360 Games for 2010

No 8. Bioshock 2

Developer 2K Games
Genre Sci-fi FPS
Release 09 Feb. 2010
ESRB Mature

The city of Rapture looks more creepy and awe inspiring than ever in this sequel to the last year’s hit Bioshock. The game received accolades for stunning graphics and realistic voice acting. The deathly environment set up in an under water mystery city is full of surprises. Improved combat mechanics and an impressive multiplayer mod made this title a memorable one for FPS lovers.

No 7. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction

Developer Ubisoft
Genre Action Adventure
Release 13 Apr. 2010
ESRB Mature

This game featured an amazing single player campaign which, although was short , had a great storyline.However the real star of this game was the two player co-operative campaign which had everyone drooling.This game unlike the other splinter cell games was less focused on stealth. The new concepts introduced such as the Mark and Execute system received positive reviews from critics and players alike.The game was widely acclaimed for it’s terrific voice acting and a great original soundtrack.

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