iPod Touch 4G to include Facetime Camera

Is the above picture of the fourth generation iPod touch’s faceplate? MacRumors thinks so — they say they got the pictures from an iPhone parts supplier, who claims it’s what you’ll see on the front of the newest iPod touch. And of course right there on the right side of the case (which would be on top of the screen), you can see a little cutout for what’s presumably a front-facing camera meant for Facetime. That lines up with what we’ve heard in the past, that the iPod touch would use email addresses for Facetime rather than phone numbers.

All that said, don’t throw your current iPod touch away just yet. Besides the obvious veracity issues here (Photoshop is a powerful drug), we’ve seen prototypes before that never actually made it to production. In the shot above, you can see “Apple c 2010” (on the little tag off of the case), and in the other picture posted, there’s a date stamp that says “10-04-29,” so either the design or production of this thing is from much earlier this year (before Facetime was ever announced). And don’t forget that there have been other rumors as well — just because one prototype of the iPod touch has a Facetime camera doesn’t mean we’ll ever see that (or even only that) go into production.

But it’s an interesting shot of course, and the evidence is building that we’ll see some form of Facetime implemented in Apple’s other devices.

New iPod touch 4G Rumors [HD]

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