[SOLVED] MacBook Pro No Sound in Windows 7

This guide is useful if you have the following problem

1. You are running Vista or Windows 7 on a Macbook using bootcamp. It can be unibody/ Macbook Pro 13/  Macbook Pro 15 or any other screen size.

2. You have no audio/ sound. In macbook pro, you may also see a red light in your audio jack.

This might also be helpful if your are having a very low sound volume.

To Fix Simply follow the steps below

Step 1:

Download the Macbook Pro Cirrus Logic CS4206A Driver from our server. Again, do not worry if you are running Windows 7 or Vista. (As a request, please do not hotlink this file anywhere else or our server will automatically remove the file from server.)

UPDATE: For newer Macbooks, you might need a newer driver which is availble here

Incase the above download  link does not work, google “CirrusAudio.10.6.1.zip”. We found another working mirror here.

Step 2:

Extract the right type of Driver (depending on your windows XP/ 7/ 32 bit/ 64bit)


This step is only for Windows 7 not Vista.  Right Click on exe file of driver. Select Properties> Compatibility > Check run in compatibility as shown below. Select Windows Vista from drop down menu and Click OK

Step 4:

Double click the driver and install.

Run your favourite sound track because your sound is now working. You can also play the video below to test your sound

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