NASA Testing Lunar Chariot Vehicle For Moon

This is NASA’s Lunar Chariot, a six wheeled, all-wheel-drive, all-wheel-steering vehicle for the moon mission scheduled in 2020. It will be used to bulldoze roads, dig trenches, and drill for minerals on the moon thanks to its numerous attachments. Now I find this fascinating and all, and you know I love outerspace as much as the next boy-astronaut, but I still have one problem — it’s fugly as hell. It looks like a mechanical crab with wheels.

Aliens exist. And since the moon is a logical place for visiting aliens to stop for a cold drink, snacks, and to use the pisser before hitting earth, we should make the best impression possible. Now what if they come and see this goofy bastard lumbering around? They’re going to laugh at us. Get with it NASA! I’ll be damned if I miss my opportunity to score sweet alien poon because you were too cheap to make a cooler looking moon vehicle.

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