For The Ladies: Gold Facial Stops Ageing!

Are you an independently wealthy woman? A gold(!) digger? Do you like blowing wads of cash? If so you may want to consider this 24 karat luxury facial treatment. For about $360 you can get an 80-minute gold leafing of your face.

Ron Razeggi, U.S. chief operating officer of the manufacturer, UMO, said:

“The skin tries to reject the gold because it’s a foreign object. In order to do that, it builds new cells.┬áRight now, the body produces new cells every 28 days. But this accelerates the cell-building and, as a result, it firms and tightens the skin.”

In all honesty though, if you’re a woman and reading this website I’m confident you’re already beautiful inside and out (not to mention intelligent and complete with a great sense of humor) and don’t need this crap. Besides, you don’t even get to keep the gold after the treatment.

And Just in case you feel spoiled, here is how you can use the gold facial kit

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