Top 10 Future Medical Procedures

Whether the goal is better hearing or sharper looks, researchers continue their efforts to improve the features naturegave us. Researchers continue to marvel us with their new technological developments in the field of medical Science.

No 10. Next-Gen Hair Transplant

Scientists at Atlanta-based Aderans Research Institute are researching a way to create a nearly inexhaustible supply of hair plugs. Instead of merely transplanting hair cells from a patient’s tissue, researchers extract the cells and grow them in a lab, multiplying them about a hundredfold before injecting them into the scalp.

Availability: Projected within five years.

No 9. Invisible Hearing Aid

Most hearing aids are bulky and unsightly. California-based InSound Medical has created perhaps the most discreet hearing aid yet. The Lyric rests deep in the ear canal, out of sight, and out of the way of wind. A wireless keychain remote controls volume, and the device can be left in the ear for up to four months at a time.

Availability: Available since January 2009.

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