Top 10 Future Medical Procedures

No 8. Color-Changing Eye Implant

Color-changing contacts have been around for years, but they are easy to spot. NewColorlris lenses, developed by Panama-based KMD, are surgically implanted on the iris (the procedure takes 15 minutes), with a donutlike hole for the pupil to peep through. The result: a permanent, more natural-looking pair of baby blues.

Availability: In Panama and Switzerland now. FDA trials will begin soon.

No 7. Natural Tooth Filling

Researchers at Tufts University are working on a way to use stem cells to repair tooth decay. How it works: Tooth-growing cells are seeded into polymer scaffolds. The scaffolds are then implanted into the jaw, where they regenerate tooth enamel, dentin and pulp. The operation has been successfully tested in pigs and rats.

Availability:  Could be available for humans within seven years.

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