Top 10 Biggest Aeroplanes

More than a century after Wright Brothers took to the sky, man continues his quest for the ultimate flying machine. This eternal thirst for perfection has resulted in creation of some mammoth gravity defying crafts. Here is the list of top 10 flying monsters.

No 10. Airbus A330-300


Manufacturer                              Airbus

Length                                            208’1″

Wing Span                                     197’10”

Maximum Take off load           515,700 lb

Introduced in January 1994, nearly 700 A330 are currently in service around the globe. This large-capacity, wide body, twin engine, medium-to-long-range commercial passenger airliner has inherited its design from A300. The USAF KC-135 air to air refueller is a derivative of the A330.

No 9. Boeing 777


Manufacturer                              Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Length                                            242’4″

Wing Span                                     199’11”

Maximum Take off load          660,000 lb

This is the world’s largest twin jet air craft commonly known as “Triple seven”. The long range and wide body jet liner was designed for an economical trans Atlantic cruise. It can seat more than 300 passengers. The Boeing 777 has the largest diameter turbo fan engine of any aircraft.

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