Hyundai’s 2011 Equus Sedan to come with a Free iPad

Finally it seems that corporate companies have accepted iPad as a stable platform for integration with their own products.With a price as low as 500$, its no surprise. At the New York Auto Show this week, automaker Hyundai surprised everyone by announcing it’s 2011 Equus sedan will come with a free Apple iPad that will serve as the car’s owners manual. The Ipad will also serve as an entertainment portal in the vehicle and will feature many customized functions.

“The plan is to have a complimentary iPad with each vehicle,” Miles Johnson said, Product Public Relations Manager for Hyundai.The announcement, which is unprecedented in the auto industry, was downplayed in the announcement partly because the iPad has yet to be officially released and Hyundai’s plan is still in the concept stage of development.Hyundai has yet to even decide if the Equus will include a Wi-Fi only or 3G model of the iPad.

“There are several concept applications,” Johnson said. “The owner’s manual would live on the iPad, could be updated easily and display pictures and video as explanations. The online application would be an asset. Owners could use the connection to schedule maintenance, schedule pickup and delivery, things like that.We have an ongoing relationship with Apple to purchase the iPads and create the apps”.

Apps  would house the owner’s manual and provide features like maintenance scheduling.Johnson said that more details will be forthcoming as the plan progresses.The Equus itself will be Hyundai’s attempt to “break down the barriers of owning a luxury car” according to the announcement and is expected to sell somewhere in the $50,000 range.

This is the  video news of the 2011 Equus Sedan: