Top 10 BMW Commercials and Their Making

6. Powder Keg

Soldiers patrol fields and rural villages. Their mission: Find a photojournalist who has snapped a picture certain to unite the world against their leader. Alejandro González Iñárritu directs Clive Owen as the photographer’s driver and sole hope of getting him and his film beyond the strongly guarded border.

5. The Hostage

In the Hostage, the Driver (Owen) is hired to deliver ransom money for a distinguished C.E.O. (Morris) who’s been kidnapped. When the exchange goes awry and the kidnapper (Chaykin) provides a phone number instead of the hostage, The Driver must race against time to find her before her cell phone battery — and her air supply – runs out.

4. Ticker

Political espionage, dramatic tension, and emotional suspense come together in this tense thriller involving the delivery of a mysterious brief case. The Driver becomes the contingency plan for a foreign dignitary (Abraham) and a government agent (Cheadle) as a team of secret service agents (Liotta, Patrick, and Haysbert) awaits the arrival of the ticking case.

3. Beat the Devil

With a nod toward pop culture, this dark comedy finds The Driver hired to chauffeur a famous rock star (Brown) to a meeting with a man we’re led to believe is the devil (Oldman). The rock star once sold his soul in exchange for fame and fortune, and now, in his twilight years, wants to renegotiate. The devil won’t budge, and instead, challenges the star and The Driver to a drag race. Rocker Marilyn Manson adds an edgy note to this already soulful short.

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