Top 10 BMW Commercials and Their Making

The BMW film series, The Hire was a series of eight short films (averaging about ten minutes each) produced for the Internet in 2001 and 2002. A form of branded content, all eight films featured popular filmmakers from across the globe, starred Clive Owen as the “Driver”, and highlighted the performance aspects of various BMW automobiles.

10 Ambush

On a dark freeway, a van swerves close and the door slides open. From inside, masked gunmen threaten to fire unless The Driver stops and surrenders his passenger, a seemingly harmless man they accuse of smuggling diamonds. It’s a simple choice: do or die. Director John Frankenheimer and star Clive Owen combine talents to create a dramatic chase with some unexpected twists.

9. Chosen

The Driver meets a ship carrying an eight-year-old Tibetan boy at a dark, deserted New York shipyard. But he’s not the only one waiting. Ang Lee, director of the Oscar-winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and star Clive Owen create a thrilling, yet beautiful, tale filled with mystery.

8. The Follow

The cunning and tactics of trailing another car quickly evolve into a mystery rife with deceit, as The Driver is hired to follow a woman accused of cheating on her famous husband. Discover acclaimed director Wong Kar-Wai’s ability to play heart against mind in this drama of mistrust.

7. Star

The Driver faces perhaps his most perplexing challenge: coming face-to-face with a hugely talented and successful rock star. But beneath her beauty lies a problem – she always gets what she wants. Guy Ritchie directs Clive Owen and Madonna in a battle of power against power.

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