Top 10 Super Computers in the World

Ever wondered which are the most powerful supercomputers of all time? Supercomputers which with their supersonic speed broke various computing barriers and also brought in revolution in varied fields like nuclear science, medicine, environment and weather. The computing power of these computers is way beyond your imagination. So here we have compiled some of the most powerful computer in the world.

10. Cray-1

Cray-1 was the world’s fastest machine that was installed at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1976. Cray-1 boasted a speed of 160 million floating-point operations per second. The first model of the Cray-1 (Cray-1A) weighed 5.5 tons.

9. Cray-2

Launched in 1985, the machine held the title of the world’s fastest supercomputer between 1985-1989. Cray-2 was capable of 1.9 gigaflops peak performance. Cray-2 was predominantly developed for the United States Departments of Defense and Energy. Due to the use of liquid cooling, it was nicknamed `Bubbles’.

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