Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Experiment Successful [Video]

For those of you who are Science Geeks, this news will be a showstopper. News has come in from Geneva that LHC test has been a success and scientists will now be moving on to the next phase of experiements.Here is the actual excerpt of the news.

Geneva, Mar 30: Scientists at Geneva’s European Centre for Nuclear Research or CERN on Tuesday, Mar 30, successfully conducted Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment.

Scientists say that they had been able to get proton beams to collide almost at the speed of light and recreate conditions similar to the Big Bang.

The scientists at a control room broke into applause when the first successful collisions were recorded at 4.28 pm.According to reports, the experiment was delayed by nearly three hours as the scientists could not get full energy for the mission. Later, three attempts to fire the proton beams failed.The test will provide insights into how the universe was created and to find out new properties of nature.
Watch this exclusive video straight from the Control Centre of LHC made during this groundbreaking Success :-

Courtesy : Google News