Apple iPAD or Lenovo IdeaPad!! What to buy

lenovo-ideapad-s10-3t.jpg image by lifeatmostThinking about buying an iPad from Apple? Think again. Lenovo’s amazing new “Ideapad” delivers all the same functionality, but has the unique ability to double as a full computer – with keyboard!

Looking for a tablet that doubles as a real computer? Lenovo released another Apple iTablet killer at CES 2010, the S10-3t. The new gadget runs Windows 7 and twists to turn into a tablet, or a clamshell laptop. Built around Intel’s brand new Atom N470, it has enough power to run videos and most mainstream programs. And with the first multi-touch capacative screen on the Windows platform, it’s a great touch computer as well. You can pick it up for $4500, when it ships later in January.

Here is a video I found at Revision