Video Scout: For surgeons or James Bond?

At just 3 millimeters in diameter, BC Tech’s Video Scout is one of the smallest medical cameras in the world.
Medical companies can integrate the Video Scout into biopsy tools, ablation wands, catheters, tissue cutters, scopes and more.This sort of low cost imaging technology will usher in a new wave of disposable medical products with built in video cameras.
The high cost of health care has led to a big push for more affordable surgical devices. Video Scout has great potential to be a low-cost, single-use alternative to more expensive industry standards.Millions of people in poor countries die because health care workers lack the equipment to properly diagnose common diseases. Procedures that are routine for Americans, like colonoscopies, are simply too expensive in many parts of the world. The Video Scout enables creation of low cost diagnostic tools that developing countries can actually afford.

I talked to the company spokesman Cassidy Clawson and he told me that while he can’t give a price point on the Video Scout, the cost “makes it viable for disposable medical products.” And while BC Tech is currently working on customized applications alone, the company plans to take the modules to a commercial market at some point in 2010, at which point a price tag will clarify the true meaning of “viable.”

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