The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler

The life of Hitler and the Third Reich is told through news reel footage and a few interviews. For the most part its a rapid march through the years of Hitler’s rise. A good portion of the film is the same old story you’ve seen a dozen times before,however the film stops about midway in to delve into the relationship between Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun. Using home movies the film shows the transformation of Eva from playful young lady to proper “wife”.

Its an odd movie. For the most part a straight forward telling of the story, it takes some odd turns. First off it uses sped up footage in a couple of sequences that result in a comedic effect. There is an almost silly insistence that Hitler liked women that seems somehow meant to rehabilitate the image of the fallen leader. Actually the film at times seems to have an almost “gee whiz Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy” attitude. I’m not sure what to make of it, especially since some of the narration seems more tongue in cheek rather than serious.