Toyota Builds The World’s Largest Simulator

Tired of playing Racing simulators on your PC or Xbox? This thing is just for you 🙂 Toyota has build the world’s largest driving simulator located at Toyota’s Higashifuji Technical Centre in Japan. This driving simulator puts a real vehicle inside a virtual-reality dome which serves as a giant 360-degree video screen. As virtual driving begins, the dome, which sits upon an elevated platform, tilts and vibrates while the platform glides across an area of four tennis courts.

As a result, the driving simulator provides realistic driving sensations like a sense of speed, deceleration and turns and other driving maneuvers. The purpose of such a simulator is to provides one of the world’s most-realistic simulated driving environments, allowing driving habits and reactions to be accurately gauged.

It will mainly be used to analyze driving characteristics under such conditions as falling asleep at the wheel and drowsiness, glancing from side to side and not checking that the road is safe, fatigue or illness, as well as developing active safety technology for effectively reducing the number of accidents.

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